Most often we look at betrayal as the end of the world. It isn’t. Betrayal leads to suffering which is a necessary and beneficial part of being human. Exploring the benefits of suffering is what this article offers.


Fight or Flight: Wake Up

Our lives are filled with choices. Most of those choices are actually of little importance. Often however we jam our time and consciousness with worry over those tiny choice moments when what needs instead to happen is focus on the true and sustaining meaning of life itself and our place and purpose in it. Why are we here, what are we going to do with our time howsoever long it is, and what ways can we find to be truly present to the life before us? How to be or how not to be….that is really the question!


Scandals: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who are the Gods and Goddesses of today? Celebrities. We imagine them living somewhere beyond our reach in a phantasmagorical place called Mount Olympus. As in Greek and Roman times we love to assign all manner of blame and ridicule to these luminaries, even as we are amazed by them. In truth, they merely offer vivid examples of our own desires, dark tendencies, arrogance and ego-driven entitlements.


How To Be Powerful & Still Feel Fabulously Feminine

The feminist error initiated women into new possibility however at the same time losses were incurred. Women turned into men, which diminished the rich resources they brought to the party in the first place. Now women are reclaiming their own best selves. Current times allow a broad range of choices. Women can now exhibit their full and powerful assets wherever they choose to be.


I’ve Got flaws

Everything we’ve done throughout our lives has benefits and teachings. We tend to be embarrassed or back away from or ignore or deny or impugn our histories. This is a mistake. Where we’ve come from is the platform for where we’re going. Every defense has a gift to offer us – as long as we are the employers of that defense rather than the servants. Every so-called flaw can be transformed into a benefit. We are imperfect. So what!


Mother Now As Ever

Looking down the long road most often calls us into relationship with those who’ve gone before us. Whether these relationships are smooth sailing or contemptuous they offer sincere and important instruction. Compassion is the aim. Love is the key.